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HRC-Performa Dorm Bed

  • 2,65000

• Use as Bed or Restraint Bed
• Lipped Top Keeps Mattress Pad in Place

The HRC-Performa Dorm Bed is now available with three steel rods recessed into each side that serve to anchor restraint belts. Their location facilitates attaching the belts without the need to reach close to the floor, and there is plenty of space between the rod and the bed so even large buckles will pass with ease. 

The bed is molded as a one-piece unit. It is free standing with recessed sides all the way around. It can be anchored to the floor using an optional anchor kit. There is a raised lip along most of the mattress platform
perimeter to help keep the mattress (sold separately) in place.

Restraints sold separately.  Shipping costs included.

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