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No-Shank® General Population Toothbrush

An award-winning patented design for your general population. Made of FDA approved polymer, the 4" one-piece toothbrush handle collapses under pressure. Engineered to make your general population safer without feeling punished. Weighs only 1.8 grams.


No-Shank® Toothbrush

A patented one-size-fits-all fingertip toothbrush. Push it on firmly and the compression holds it on the fingertip. One-piece design molded from FDA-approved polymer. Effective for everyday use, it is the ultimate safety toothbrush. An excellent choice for high security areas and suicide watches. Millions have been sold since 1995 and no weapons have been formed.


No-Shank® High Security Mini-Razor

The ulitmate safety razor. Weighing 1 gram, it is 1" wide with an overall length of 1.1", it is designed specifically for your 24-hour/7-day people. This unique patented design has a custom razor blade molded into a onepiece head/handle of clear high-strength, high-meltpoint, high-impact polymer. The blade is 1/4" and 13/16" in size and will break if flexed. The blade cannot be removed witout destroying the razor. It is the ultimate safety razor. A MUST for high security areas.


No-Shank® Super Flex Pens and Pencils

Lightweight pen (5.7 gms) is SUPER flexible but rigid enough to write with. Twoyear guarantee on ink not to dry out. Available in blue and black. Made in USA. Pencil is super flexible, but rigid enough to write with. You can wrap it around your finger. Nominal length 4". The writing center is a marking polymer, writing like a #2 lead. Writes 1/3 more than a conventional pencil. Sharpens like a conventional pencil. Will not support electricity, nor will it support flame.

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