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Polypropylene Torso Restraints

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Popular polypropylene bed restraint cuffs provide a quick hook & loop closure and the security of a variety of secondary closures. Options include the side release buckle for quick application, hook & loop for simple application, and L-400 locks for security. 2" polypropylene straps have a tensile strength of 1,400 lbs. to accommodate moderate to aggressive patients. Neoprene inside the cuffs provide comfort while the easy-to-clean material is fully adjustable to fit juveniles to adults. A one-piece item, color coded for quick identification, wrist restraints are blue and ankle restraints are green. Remember, "Raise your hands to the blue sky and walk on the green grass." May be used with polypropylene torso restraint NBT-101, NBT-104 or NBLT-401 for 5th and 6th points. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed.

Bed sold separately.

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