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S-101 Torso Restraint

  • 12600


This three-piece waist belt set provides maximumsecurity with locks that promote authorized release.The center belt can be interchanged with a varietyof belts to allow for extreme sizing. The belt set canbe used alone or with wrist or ankle cuffs. The designallows sitting up in a bed. Universal K-300 key opensL-300 locks.


Polyurethane S-101 torso restraint possesses the benefits ofthe leather torso restraint with additionalfeatures. Generation4 polyurethane has an easyglide finish that enhancesstaff’s ease of use. Advantagesof this unique productare that it is durable, won’t stretchor shrink, and cleans up quickly and easily. Color coded forquick visual identification — all straps for this fifth point arein maroon.

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