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MNDL-401 Wrist to Waist Restraint

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Wrist to Waist Restraint, Leather

Controlled interaction at its best. This one-piece item features L-300 locks for security, is fully adjustable, and has independently adjustable wrist cuffs. Universal K-300 key opens all L-300 locks, fits juvenile to adult populations, and allows each arm to adjust separately for 12 inches of movement. Use with ADL-305 Ankle Hobble for added security. Use Humane Restraint’s disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) or FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort.

 Ankle Restraint sold separately.  

Available in a kit. Leather: Kit #6


Wrist to Waist Restraint, Polyurethane

The polyurethane MNDL-401 restraint possesses the benefits of the leather with additional features. Generation 4 and 5 polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff’s ease of use. Advantages of this unique product are its durability, it won’t stretch or shrink, and cleans quickly and easily. Use with AD 305-POLY for added security. Use with Humane Restraint’s disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) or FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort..

Available in a kit. Polyurethane: Kit #12.

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